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An economical and efficient solution for hand drying.

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We provide a safe and efficient hand drying system, with lower costs associated and environmentally focused. Our Wind Pro Turbo includes the HEPA filter that absorbs 99% of the contamnating air particles.

The WindPro Turbo hand dryer uses powerful air flows for your hand drying with unnecessary surface contact and paper towels, which improves the company image and helps take care of the environment.

How it works?

It provides optimal hand drying in less tan 15 seconds.

Besides, it also has the HEPA filter that holds 99% of particles including viruses and bacteria present in the restroom air. Thanks to the infrared automatic hand detection system, there is no need of contact eliminating the cross contamination risk.



Efficient drying with lower power consumption.


It promotes environmental care by reducing paper towels.


With the antibacterial high efficient HEVA filter which holds 99% of the potential present bacteria.


It reduces waste accumulation and cost associated to hand drying minimizing waste management need.

Why it is important?

A proper hand washing and drying process plays an important role in reducing disease sprad in institutional environments helping to provide healthy and more comfortable spaces for both customers and partners. Our specialized team of technicians is in charge of each equipment regular recharge and maintenance ensuring optimal results 365 days a year.

Why it is important?

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