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We reduce bad odors from their source through a continuous drip system by cotrolling the present bacteria proliferation in toilets and urinals.

Discover the porwerful ProHygene solution: the Deodorizer + AntiSplash Filter. These products are used together to get an effective result against bacteria proliferation in toilets and urinals. Our Deodorizer eliminates and reduces contamination from its source while our AntiSplach Filter prevents urine splash and keeps a healthy environment, it also prevents the spread of contaminants present on the footsteps. Enjoy a cleaner and bacteria free environment.

How it works?

Our continuous operating dispenser guarantees a permanent protection.

Through a drip system, it releases a powerful deodorizer in toilets and urinals 24 hours a day. This concentrated liquid applies a bacteriostatic action preventing the bacteria proliferation in restrooms. Besides, after not being used for some time it gets stored to become a powerful desinfectant against viruses and bacteria.



It controls the bacteria proliferation in toilets and urinals.


It helps and favors manual cleaning by reaching parts this last one can’t.


It keeps restrooms free of bad odors the 24 hours a day ensuring a positive experience.

Why it is important?

It is fundamental to enhance restroom hygiene in order to create healthy environments and to provide customers and assistants with confort. Our specialized technicians are in charge of the maintenance and regular recharge of each equipment, ensuring optimal results 365 days a year.

Why it is important?

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ProHygiene offers solutions for every need, combined they make up one comprehensive solution of Comfort reinforcing its commitment to customers’ and partners’ hygiene and care.

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We enhance your premise image in an integral way, guaranteeing the correct operation of our systems 365 days a year.

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Our specialized technicians carry out regular maintenance of the systems, guaranteeing their optimal operation.

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