Feminine Hygienic Waste Disposal

Care and peace of mind for women.

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We optimize feminine hygiene waste disposal preventing cross contamination, favoring a safe and protected environment for women.

This solution is made with a microcorrugated cardboard container to favor regular change , a lid that prevents physical and visual contact with the waste, a resistant plyethylene bag and a ProHygiene deodorizing chemical that neutralizes bacteria giving off bad odors.

How it works?

ProHygiene containers have a lid specially designed to ensure an easy feminine hyhygiene waste disposal with no need of content touch or show. Besides, the ProHygiene deodorizer works inside the container like a bacteriostatic product, efficiently controlling a wide range of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms.



It improves hygiene as it prevents bacteria spread and bad odors presence ensuring a a healthier environment.


It prevents piping blockages and an improper handling of waste.


Our solution enhances your premises image.


It favors a safe and protected environment for women.

Why it is important?

It is essential to upgrade hygene standards in your premises in order to create healthy environments and to promote a better sense of comfort among customers and partners. Our specialized technicians are in charge of the regular rechange considering the frequency of restroom use.

Why it is important?

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